Celluma Light Panel ~ Tampa, Florida

The technology behind Celluma light panels has a unique history that you don’t regularly see in skin care. Light therapy was initially used and created by NASA. LEDs give energy in their photons, which change in wavelengths along with different colors. The technology was designed for growing plants while on shuttle missions. However, researchers at NASA soon found out that the technology was able to heal skin wounds.

We want to bring this to your attention so you too can understand why we rave about Celluma light panels and their effectiveness. This form of LED light therapy has proven to be extremely helpful in treating aging signs, inflammation, hyperpigmentation, and acne on your skin.

LED light panels emit 3 different lights; all have a different healing propose. Infrared light tightens and firms skin. Red light helps reduce inflammation and aging signs. Blue light helps to treat acne. Is LED light therapy good for your skin? Yes. This treatment boosts collagen production and can set your skin on a healthier path than it was before treatment.

Celluma specifically is an award-winning treatment and has more Medical CE certifications than you will find with most cosmetic LED light machines on the market. This flexible machine is easily maneuvered by your technician so all damaged areas of your skin can be targeted. The patented design makes it easier to focus the LED light on the entirety of your face and neck area.

Light from a Celluma light panel is placed directly or close to your skin. The process itself should last somewhere between 15 minutes to 1 hour. Infrared light helps the blue and red light to go into your skin. The light is then able to increase the energy in each cell’s mitochondria. This will help each cell speed up its reproduction process and your overall skin cell turnover rate. This treatment is most successful when you set up a few routine sessions.

Celluma can be used on its own for healing scars, acne, skin damage, and aging. It can also be used along with other treatments for faster healing. You can pair Celluma with surgery, microneedling, peels, waxing, facials, and more.

What the Celluma Light Panel Experience Is Like

An esthetician from Skin Radiance Med Spa will examine your skin. Here, they look for any sun damage spots on your face and neck. The esthetician can then clean and lightly exfoliate your face for best results. You will need to lie down as the LED machine is placed on and around your head. The machine isn’t large. It’s mainly a panel that can be easily moved by your esthetician to the proper position. You will be given protective goggles – but don’t worry, a Celluma LED light therapy session has extremely low-risk.

This treatment is especially popular and enjoyable. There is no pain during the session. Most people find it nice and relaxing, as if they were sitting out in the sun for a bit. Afterward, you can resume your regular activities. You can even wear makeup right after treatment.

For any concerns or questions about a Celluma light panel treatment, contact our team at Skin Radiance Med Spa in Tampa today.