How To Get Fresher Skin with Nano Infusion

Have you ever wished for an easy, gentle, and effective way to give your skin a healthy boost? If so, Nano Infusion is an excellent treatment option to consider. By allowing serums and nutrients to be more deeply absorbed by the skin, this minimally-invasive treatment option will leave your skin brighter, firmer, and healthier. 

A Gentler Alternative To Microneedling

Nano infusion is a fantastic skin treatment for patients who don’t feel ready to undergo microneedling but want similar benefits to the look and feel of their skin. It provides visible results without irritation for patients with sensitive skin, and very few risks are associated with the treatment.

How Does Nano Infusion Work?

In Nano Infusion treatment, a device with sterilized, single-use pins gently swings up and down. This pain-free method produces very small channels in the skin. Serums can then be applied to the channels so that all of the nutrients are easily received by the deeper layers of your skin. This boosts the health of the skin by:

  • Increasing skin cell turnover rate
  • Boosting the skin’s natural ability to heal itself
  • Heightening collagen production to improve the appearance of lines, wrinkles, scarring, and skin laxity
  • Increasing circulation to the skin

If you’re concerned about signs of aging, Nano Infusion can provide impressive results around the eyes and lips. Given that Nano Infusion is gentle and non-abrasive, it can be particularly beneficial around these delicate areas of the face. 

Target Various Skin Concerns

One of our trained aestheticians will talk to you before Nano Infusion treatment to learn more about your skin type and cosmetic goals. This will allow us to make serum recommendations to give your skin what it needs the most, whether it be vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, a deep wrinkle serum, etc. We can target any skin concern with Nano Infusion, even for those with sensitive or “problem” skin.  Contact us today for more information!

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