The Difference Between Nano Infusion and Microneedling

Nano infusion and microneedling are both non-surgical aesthetic treatments that can significantly improve the appearance of your skin. Both of these treatments involve pricking the skin to stimulate its natural healing process. 

While nano infusion and microneedling have a few similarities, each is a distinct aesthetic treatment with unique benefits. Here, we’ll discuss how they differ so that you can select the best cosmetic solutions for your needs!

What is Nano Infusion?

Nano infusion is a gentle treatment during which a special device with sterilized, single-use pins swings lightly up and down to form very small channels in the skin. These channels allow for more effective absorption of serums and other skincare products. Plus, the nano infusion process boosts circulation, skin cell turnover, and collagen production. All of these benefits enhance the skin’s ability to heal itself to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other common skin concerns. 

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling involves pressing a microneedle into the skin to stimulate the treatment process. It’s ideal for hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, enlarged pores, sun damage, sagging skin, and uneven skin texture. Additionally, like nano infusion, microneedling enhances the skin’s absorption of skincare products. We apply a hyaluronic acid and vitamin C solution to the skin after a microneedling session for a brighter, more hydrated complexion. 

How Are Nano Infusion and Microneedling Different?

The main difference between nano infusion and microneedling is that nano infusion punctures only the outermost layer of the skin. On the other hand, microneedling penetrates further, reaching the deep dermal layer. This makes microneedling a better choice for deep-rooted skin concerns such as scarring and facial lines. Additionally, since microneedling penetrates deeper into the skin, numbing cream is applied to the skin before treatment to prevent discomfort. On the contrart, nano infusion is gentle enough to not require numbing cream. 

If you’re interested in the benefits that nano infusion or microneedling can provide to your skin, schedule a consultation at Skin Radiance Med Spa today!

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