The Importance of Hydration During Fall Weather Changes

Hydration is so important for your skin. And during the fall weather changes, it becomes even more important to be hypervigilant about hydration. Here are some of the reasons you need to make sure that you hydrate your skin during the fall when the humidity is lower and dry skin rears its ugly head.

Youthful, Healthy Skin

Skin is always more youthful and healthier when it is well hydrated. Hydrated skin is more plump, smoother, and healthier. Keeping your skin hydrated will also help keep lines and wrinkles from forming or keep current fine lines from becoming worse.

Combat Oiliness

Oiliness of the skin can cause a number of problems, including acne. To keep your skin clear, and to keep your skin tone even, it is important to control the level of oil on your skin. This can easily be done by maintaining the hydration of your skin. Hydrated skin is much less likely to become oily or develop clogged pores that cause acne and other skin irritations.

Build Resistance

When your skin is hydrated, it is much more resistant to environmental irritants such as UV sunlight, pollution, smoking, and other environmental factors that can affect the condition of your skin. When you stay hydrated, you will be much less likely to see signs of aging, and your skin will look healthier and younger overall.

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