Three Reasons You Should Be Caring for Your Skin, Not Just Your Face

Often when we think about skincare, we think about our face and how we want to reverse or prevent the signs of aging. Yet your skin, all over your body, is very important to your overall health, wellbeing, and appearance. Here are three reasons you should be caring for your skin, not just your face.


Quite simply put, healthy skin is comfortable skin. When you care for your skin, keeping it clean, moisturized, conditioned, and protected from the sun, you will be much more comfortable. Itchiness is often a sign that your skin is too dry or has other issues that need to be addressed. So is a feeling of tightness in the skin. Taking care of your skin will help you be more comfortable and less distracted throughout your day.

Faster Healing

If you are unlucky enough to become injured, having healthy skin will help facilitate healing. When your skin is unhealthy, it doesn’t heal as quickly or as well as it would if you took care of it all the time. Scarring can be worse with nutrient-deprived skin, and even small paper cuts may take longer to heal.

Illness Prevention

Your skin is your protection between your body and the world around you. How often you might become ill is directly tied to your lifestyle and your immediate environment, as well as your diet and exercise routines. However, your skin’s condition is also an important factor in preventing illness. You should make sure that your skin is healthy, moisturized, and clean if you want to prevent illness, especially during the cold and flu months.

If you are realizing that you do not take good care of your skin on your own, we can help. Contact us today for more information about our full body skincare treatments or to schedule an appointment.

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