What is PRP Facial Rejuvenation Treatment?

The aging process causes many natural changes in the skin. As the body’s natural production of collagen and elastic drops with age, the skin gradually loses its firm, plump, and smooth appearance. Many people experience skin laxity, wrinkles, discoloration, and a dull complexion with older age.

Luckily, the world of aesthetic medicine has been developing rapidly over the past several years. Now, there are many advanced aesthetic treatments available to combat aging. One such treatment is the PRP facial, which can provide powerful rejuvenating benefits to the skin. 

Understanding The PRP Facial

First off, what exactly is PRP? Well, PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma; it’s derived from the patient’s own blood and, after being spun in a centrifuge, contains a high volume of platelets. When this plasma is applied to damaged tissue, the concentrated platelets stimulate the body’s natural process of regeneration. 

In PRP facial rejuvenation, the PRP can be injected into the skin at different depths or spread over the skin. In either case, the skin will absorb the PRP, which will then provide several rejuvenating benefits. 

Rejuvenate Your Skin With the PRP Facial

The PRP facial can improve the appearance of your skin in several ways. For one, the PRP facial stimulates natural collagen production. During the facial, small needles penetrate the skin to facilitate the absorption of the PRP. These needles create controlled injuries in the skin, which both boost collagen production and improves the quality of the collagen being produced. The additional collagen makes the skin stronger, healthier, and tighter.

In addition to tightening and firming the skin, the PRP facial can improve the tone and texture of the skin; the PRP helps the body replace damaged skin cells with new, healthy cells. This also reduces the appearance of scarring, hyperpigmentation, and other issues with skin tone or texture. 

To learn more about the PRP facial to reduce signs of aging, schedule an appointment at Skin Radiance Med Spa today!

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