Why You Should Change Up Your Skin Routine Each Season

As the seasons change, so should your skincare routine as changes in humidity and temperature can dramatically impact your skin. So, especially in the shift from summer to fall and winter to spring, altering your beauty regimen will better protect your skin. 

The Benefits of Changing Your Skin Regimen According to the Season

In the spring and summer, most people spend extra time outdoors and in the warmer temperatures. As a result, the key focuses of your skincare regimen should be SPF and oil control. While you should still be moisturizing your skin, many people find that a light, oil-free moisturizer is a good fit for the humid summer weather. 


In the fall and winter, the air becomes drier and temperatures drop. This makes it particularly important to protect your skin’s moisture barrier. For most, this means implementing a thicker and more nourishing moisturizer, along with a hydrating serum, to prevent skin dryness and irritation.  

Tips for Seasonal Skincare Routines

  • Remember to wear SPF all year round, even if it’s overcast outside. 
  • Reduce how often you exfoliate in the winter if you experience dry, chapped skin. 
  • Opt for a gentle, cream-based cleanser in the winter. 
  • To combat excess oil in the summer, use a foaming or gel-based cleanser. 

Skin Treatments in the Summer vs. the Winter

Aesthetic treatments are an excellent way to enhance the health of your skin all year round. However, some patients prefer to get certain treatments in the winter so that they can more easily avoid sun exposure. For example, chemical peels, light therapy, and microdermabrasion make the skin more susceptible to sun damage. So, it’s important to avoid sun exposure in the weeks after these treatments. Since people normally spend more time indoors in the winter, it’s often easier to do this during the cold weather months. 


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